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Organs Ultrasound

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The REGENERATION Clinic provides patients with quality organ US:

  • Abdominal (liver, gall bladder, pancreas, spleen) US
  • Kidney and adrenal gland US
  • Duplex US of kidney vessels
  • Liver US with and without elastography, vascular examination
  • Lymph node US
  • Thyroid gland US
  • US of other organs

Organ US is performed by sonologists with long-term experience and specialisation in gastroenterology and hepatology. US is performed by appointment.

How to undergo US?

Step 1

US of organs is possible only by appointment. Call the REGENERATION Clinic and make an appointment for US. The administrator of the clinic will offer you the possible convenient dates for the procedure

Step 2

Before US of internal organs, it is necessary to follow recommendations regarding nutrition. During arranging an appointment, the administrator will make you aware of the rules of preparation for US

Step 3

The US lasts not more than 30 minutes. After finishing the diagnostics, the doctor will provide you with a detailed report. In the REGENERATION Clinic you can make an appointment for a consultation by a hepatologist who will analyse and comment on the diagnostics results and, if necessary, prescribe an additional examination or treatment


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Personal Оnline Сonsultation

Specially as a matter of convenience for non-resident and foreign patients, the REGENERATION Clinic provides an opportunity to receive online consultations by the best specialists in the field of hepatotherapy