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Что такое гепатит С?

What is hepatitis C?

Hepatitis C is a liver inflammation caused by the HCV virus. Many people with hepatitis C virus in their blood at first (sometimes, even within several years) do not even suspect they are infected.  The disease is often asymptomatic. The virus is transmitted through the blood. Infection occurs, e.g. due to use of common non-sterile medical needles. Unprotected sexual intercourses are also unsafe, as they can cause micro-cracks. If one of the partners has hepatitis, it is necessary to use condoms. Though the probability of infection is small (about 5 %). It is also possible to get infected during transfusion of donor blood infected with HCV (about 5 %).  There is a danger to get infected in a dentist office, tattoo studio, nail bar, on the operation table, if instruments were not properly disinfected.

This virus is very stable — it can live in external environment up to 4 days. It dies in a half an hour at temperature of 60 °С. In 2 minutes in boiling water. The virus is transmitted from mother to child during childbirth very rarely — in about 5 % of cases. The virus is not transmitted through hugs, kisses, household utensils.

Hepatitis C symptoms

This disease has no prominent symptoms. It slowly destroys the liver and subsequently the whole body. After all, the liver is one of the most important organs. Without it, the immune system could not work; without the liver, one can get seriously poisoned only by drinking a glass of milk. The liver is a complex of waste treatment facilities of the body. All we eat and drink go through this filter. It absorbs useful micronutrients from food, which provides our body with energy. It purifies blood and processes harmful substances, including alcohol, preservatives.

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Why is hepatitis C dangerous?

Hepatitis C is aimed at affecting the liver, as it multiplies there. The first 6 months after infection are called acute phase. The body tries to destroy the virus. However, in 85 % of cases, the disease transfers into a chronic form. During this period, a serious liver damage begins. The patient can feel fatigue, anxiety, muscle pain, depression. Nevertheless, the patient often does not feel the disease development, though the liver continues to be destroyed. Hepatitis C inevitably leads to fibrosis, and then to liver cirrhosis or cancer. Scientists have found that hepatitis C develops faster in elderly people, smoking men, those who drink alcohol even in moderate quantities.

What is important to know about viral hepatitis C?


lethal outcomes from hepatitis are caused precisely by hepatitis B or C

10-20 years

years are the period of liver cirrhosis development in chronic hepatitis C


of chronic viral hepatitis C cases are treatable providing the proper treatment

How is viral hepatitis C treated?

Step 1

Appointment for the consultation by a hepatologist of the REGENERATION Clinic

Step 2

The hepatologist will prescribe an examination aimed at confirming or refuting the diagnosis, examining the liver. When establishing the diagnosis, related specialists may be involved

Step 3

After receiving the analysis results confirming the presence of hepatitis C, the patient is prescribed an individual treatment regimen aimed at virus eliminating and treating of liver fibrosis/cirrhosis. If hepatitis C is not confirmed, additional tests may be prescribed to identify the cause of the patient’s poor health

Step 4

The attending physician conducts regular monitoring of the treatment dynamics, and if necessary, adjusts the treatment regimen to achieve a positive result

  • To treat hepatitis C, antiviral agents are used. In the REGENERATION Clinic, a standard therapy is supplemented with original methods of doctors together with the latest developments. It significantly increases the chance and accelerates the recovery of patients. Treatment can last either several months, or up to several years. The earlier the virus will be stopped, the less the liver will be damaged and the more happy and healthy years the patient will have.
  • It is necessary to decrease the load on the liver, that is, to quit drinking alcohol, smoking, eating fatty food, to limit the consumption of salt and sugar. Eat more vegetables, fermented dairy food, meat and fish. During treatment, the nutritionist of the REGENERATION Clinic develops a special diet taking into account features of the body and state of the patient. Obesity reduces the treatment efficacy, so it is important to monitor your weight. Regular physical activity will also serve well and contribute to a quick recovery.
  • It is possible to protect relatives within the period of treatment of a person with hepatitis C in the following ways. First, it is necessary to observe the rules of personal hygiene (do not use a toothbrush, razor, manicure accessories of an infected person). Second, if the blood of an infected person gets on some surface, it is necessary to disinfect it.
  • First of all, it is necessary to get rid of a cause of fibrosis or cirrhosis, which is hepatitis C virus. It is necessary to strictly observe the prescriptions of doctors and control diagnostics. The sooner hepatitis C virus will be eliminated, the more liver cells will remain healthy. Nevertheless, even if hepatitis C is stopped, the patient may still have liver fibrosis or cirrhosis. To avoid liver damage and the need for organ transplantation, it is necessary to undergo a therapy to restore liver cells, which is available only in the REHENERATSIIA Clinic. It will allow the patient to get rid of hepatitis C consequences for good and live a healthy and active life.


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