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What is autoimmune hepatitis?

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Autoimmune hepatitis is a disease, the essence of which is a negative reaction of the human immune system to its own liver cells (the immune system considers liver cells as foreign and tries to destroy them). The disease if often acquired, that is, it occurs due to some immunity breakdown. Due to negative immunity action, liver cells die, and fibrosis and further cirrhotic hepatocyte (liver cells) damage occur, which in its turn leads to liver disability and death.

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Diagnostics and symptoms

Autoimmune hepatitis is characterised by such symptoms as reduced working capacity, drowsiness, rapid fatigability, intermittent pain in the area of the liver. Diagnosis of the disease is performed using laboratory blood tests for specific markers that are formed in it. In some cases (up to 30 %), such markers may be absent, but the patient experiences typical symptoms. Then liver biopsy and special tests are needed to help examine the liver for the morphological changes that correspond to autoimmune hepatitis.

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Autoimmune hepatitis treatment

It should be understood that autoimmune hepatitis is a serious disease, the causes of which (why there was an immunity breakdown) are actually unclear. That is why its treatment is complex and aimed at suppressing the negative influence of the immune system on the liver. Often, standard therapy (hormonal and other medications) is accompanied by side effects, e.g. hair growth all over the body, weight gain, diabetes development, decreased immune system, which triggers the occurrence of concomitant diseases, etc. It is believed that in some cases, at least 5 years of such therapy lead to recovery. But mostly, liver fibrosis and cirrhosis develop despite treatment. The treatment method offered by the hepatologists of the REGENERATION Clinic is supplemented by the original know-how and the latest developments in immunology. Using this technique can significantly slow the development of liver fibrosis and cirrhosis, enhance the effect of standard therapy and reduce the negative impact of the immune system, improve the well-being and life quality of the patient both during and after therapy.

What is important to know about autoimmune hepatitis?

10 years

are the period of liver cirrhosis development in patients with autoimmune hepatitis

30 years

are the age which teenagers who have autoimmune hepatitis will attain


is a number of patients whose laboratory tests do not confirm the presence of autoimmune hepatitis, even if it is present


of patients with this disease is women

What are the methods of autoimmune hepatitis (AIH) treatment?

Method of treatment:

Standard therapy

Treatment in the REGENERATION Clinic

Essence of Treatment

the basis of standard therapy is the suppression of the immune system, which considers liver cells as foreign and destroys them, provoking liver cirrhosis.

standard therapy is supplemented by the latest developments in biotechnology and the original methods of the doctors of the clinic; therapy is aimed at treating cirrhosis (restoration of liver cells, restraint of development) and supporting the immune system to preserve the patient’s life quality

Patient’s State of Health

bad, a lot of concomitant diseases due to therapy aimed at suppressing the immune system.

better, the patient is more active

Life Expectancy

shorter due to cirrhosis and decreased immune system.

longer due to liver cirrhosis treatment and immune system maintenance

How to cure autoimmune hepatitis?

Step 1

Appointment for the consultation by a doctor of the REGENERATION Clinic

Step 2

The hepatologist will prescribe an examination aimed at confirming or refuting the diagnosis, examining the liver. When establishing the diagnosis, related specialists may be involved, e.g. immunologists

Step 3

After receiving the analysis results confirming the presence of AIH, the patient is prescribed an individual treatment regimen aimed at levelling the negative influence of the immune system, treating liver fibrosis/cirrhosis, and supporting the patient’s life quality. If autoimmune hepatitis is not confirmed, additional tests may be prescribed to identify the cause of the patient’s poor health

Step 4

The attending physician conducts regular monitoring of the treatment dynamics, and if necessary, adjusts the treatment regimen

  • Therapy of autoimmune hepatitis is mandatory, since about 10 years after the onset of the disease, liver cirrhosis inevitably develops, which leads to death. If the disease is diagnosed in adolescents, providing the absence of proper treatment, the life expectancy of such children is up to 30 years
  • Treatment of autoimmune hepatitis is carried out by such doctors as infectologists and gastroenterologists who are specialised in hepatology. If necessary, a consultation by an immunologist is also appointed at the REGENERATION Clinic
  • In some cases, complete recovery is possible. Nevertheless, even if the cause of liver cirrhosis (autoimmune hepatitis) is preserved, treatment methods of the REGENERATION Clinic allow to significantly prolong the patient’s life and its quality


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