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What is liver elastometry?

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Liver elastometry (elastography, fibroscan) is a non-traumatic, non-invasive, painless, safe and fast method of ultrasound examination of the liver structure (determining the degree of liver tissue fibrosis). The method allows to obtain reliable information on the stiffness (viscoelasticity) properties of normal and changed (pathological) liver tissues.  Often, the liver examination is prescribed to patients who are diagnosed with hepatitis C, B or D, fatty hepatitis, steatohepatitis or other liver diseases. The process of fibroscanning itself is similar to ultrasound and is carried out for 10–20 minutes. During diagnostics, the patient is lying down, and the result is ready immediately after the completion of elastography.

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Many people know liver elastometry as “fibrosan”, since the very first elastography apparatus was called that way. It became a breakthrough in the field of liver diagnostics and came to replace the traditional liver biopsy, which is a painful, expensive and traumatic procedure with risks of bleeding. The essence of biopsy is physical sampling of liver tissue to determine the degree of liver fibrosis, but at the same time, this is its most important disadvantage. After all, liver fibrous masses are uneven, and a sample for analysis can be taken from a healthy part of the organ, thus the analysis results may not be objective. At the same time, the fibroscan diagnostic accuracy is 98 %. Thus, in patients with fibrosis stage F0–F1, the result accuracy of liver elastography is 88–90 %, F2–F3 — 90–94 %, F4 — 94–98 %.

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Liver elastography: normal range and abnormalities

Let’s give mean values corresponding to a certain stage of fibrosis, according to the results of liver elastometry:

  • Stage F0: mean value is 5.2 kPa; mean value interval is 3.9–6.5 kPa.
  • Stage F1: mean value is 6.4 kPa; mean value interval is 4.8–8.0 kPa.
  • Stage F2: mean value is 8.5 kPa; mean value interval is 6.3–10.7 kPa.
  • Stage F3: mean value is 10.8 kPa; mean value interval is 8.1–13.5 kPa.
  • Stage F4: mean value is 24.6 kPa; mean value interval is 18.5–30.7 kPa.
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Preparation for liver elastometry

The fibroscan procedure requires some preparation.  Thus, the patient should not eat 6–8 hours before the examination. The patient is allowed to drink still water in moderate quantity.

Contraindications to fibroscan

Despite its safety and painlessness, liver fibroscan is still not recommended for the following patients: pregnant women, patients with pacemaker, obesity, ascites (abdominal dropsy).

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Where to make liver elastography in Kyiv? What is the price for the procedure?

The REGENERATION Clinic (Kyiv) offers to undergo not only liver but also kidney elastography. The price for elastometry depends on the organ of fibroscanning, and also on the need for Doppler sonography (additional vascular study).  Clear the current cost by calling the clinic.

The diagnostic procedure is carried out by the best ultrasound specialists with long-term experience in gastroenterology and hepatology, in particular Oleh Borysovych Dynnyk, President of the Ukrainian Association of Ultrasound Diagnostics, chief expert in ultrasound diagnostics of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

How to undergo liver elastometry?

Step 1

Liver diagnostics is possible only by appointment. Call the REGENERATION Clinic and make an appointment for the procedure. The administrator of the clinic will offer you the possible convenient dates for fibroscanning

Step 2

hours before liver elastometry, it is necessary to follow recommendations regarding nutrition. During arranging an appointment, the administrator will make you aware of the rules of preparation for the procedure

Step 3

The procedure lasts not more than 30 minutes. After finishing the diagnostics, the doctor will provide you with a detailed report. After liver elastometry in the REHENERATSIIA Clinic, you can make an appointment for a consultation by hepatologist who will analyse and comment on the diagnostics results and, if necessary, prescribe an additional examination or treatment


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