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On 29 March 2018, Anatolii Mykhailovych Pechinka, leading infectious disease specialist and hepatologist at REGENERATION clinic, Candidate of Medical Sciences, associate professor at the Department of Infectious Diseases of L. P. Shupyk National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education, shared the data on the treatment outcomes in patients with liver fibrosis and cirrhosis within the framework of the XX National School of Gastroenterologists and Hepatologists of Ukraine.

“Often we have patients who have already been rejected in other healthcare facilities because of diagnosed F4 stage liver cirrhosis, sometimes burdened with viral hepatitis that had no response to treatment. And even in such cases, we completely restore the liver to F0-F1 stage”, says A. M. Pechinka.

Anatolii Pechinka noted that the complete restoration of cirrhotic liver became possible due to the study of molecular mechanisms of its origin and development. “For the treatment of liver cirrhosis, a unique medicinal product – Biirin – was developed, which is currently used as the basis for the technique; it normalizes cellular metabolism, has anti-cirrhotic and regenerative effect. It is important to know: the medicinal product has no side effects, the treatment process is comfortable. The medicinal product showed exceptionally positive treatment dynamics in patients”, said Anatolii Mykhailovych Pechinka.

Liver fibrosis and cirrhosis have been successfully treated at different stages based on this method over the past 6 years, regardless of the cause, that is, the diseases that led to cirrhosis, whether that be viral hepatitis, alcoholic liver disease or some other diseases.


About the clinic:

REGENERATION European Clinic for Liver Treatment is the only medical institution specializing in treatment and complete recovery of the liver damaged by fibrosis and cirrhosis. The clinic teamed up the best hepatologists and uses effective liver treatment methods based on the state-of-the-art developments by Ukrainian biotechnologists in combination with European protocols.

About the medicinal product:

Biirin is an etiotropic, selective modulator of peptide synthesis catalysis, transcription of RNA and cytokines, normalizing cellular metabolism and anti-cirrhotic and regenerative effect. It is indicated in various stages of fibrosis, compensated or subcompensated liver cirrhosis with moderate and pronounced progression, with compensated phenomena of portal hypertension.



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