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In 2017, the cooperation of the European Clinic for the Liver Treatment REGENERATION and the Institute of Elastography was start. The partnership is aimed to provid the patients of the clinic with qualitative ultrasound examination with elastometry of the liver and other organs.

Elastometry of the liver (fibrotest) is the most accurate way of diagnosing liver fibrosis of different etiology, including in patients with chronic hepatitis B and C. In fact, liver elastometry is an alternative to liver biopsy, but at the same time it does not require invasive intervention.

For patients, liver elastometry based on the REGENERATION Clinic is:

  • The possibility of qualitative diagnosis of the liver (fibrosis, cirrhosis), as well as the needs of other organs directly at the Clinic;
  • Possibilities of diagnostics of liver condition by non-traumatic, non-invasive method;
  • Possibility of independent expert control of the dynamics of treatment by specialists of the Institute of Elastography.
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Personal Оnline Сonsultation

Specially as a matter of convenience for non-resident and foreign patients, the REGENERATION Clinic provides an opportunity to receive online consultations by the best specialists in the field of hepatotherapy