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European techniques combined with the developments of Ukrainian biotechnologists

The clinic uses a combination of the latest developments from Ukrainian scientists and biotechnologists and European methods in the treatment of liver diseases (cirrhosis, fibrosis, hepatitis, etc.). The efficacy and safety of this approach have been proven by saved lives and grateful patients and members of their families. The success of treatment and restoration of the liver is up to 97 %, according to the data obtained from the practice of healthcare professionals in REGENERATION clinic.

Preservation of life and its quality. Happy longevity for our patients

Preservation of life, health, activity and longevity in patients and their relatives are the objectives for REGENERATION clinic. For this purpose, the healthcare professionals at the clinic use pharmacological therapy alone. Absence of the need for donorship and liver transplantation even in the most complex cases of liver cirrhosis allows retaining the health of patients’ family members – the only possible potential donors, according to the Ukrainian legislation in force.

The best highly specialized diagnosticians and the principle of multidisciplinary team meetings for each patient

We follow the principle according to which it is possible to achieve the best results for patients and their families by combining highly specialized niche hepatologists under the same roof. Niche specialization guarantees an accurate and in-depth approach to diagnosis and quick and safe achievement of the desired outcome. All healthcare professionals at REGENERATION clinic are members of the prestigious European councils of hepatologists, gastroenterologists and immunologists, constantly exchanging best practices with their European colleagues. As needed, each patient at the clinic can be examined by the team of Ukrainian and European healthcare professionals.

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Comprehensive accurate examination, on-line consultation

Each patient undergoes a full examination (laboratory, ultrasound, etc.) directly in the clinic. For the purpose of the most accurate diagnosis and independent expert control of the treatment dynamics, there is the Institute of Elastography at the premises of REGENERATION clinic. And for the convenience of foreign and out-of-town patients, periodic monitoring of the condition and treatment over time can be carried out via on-line consultation.

Individualized treatment regimens and highly professional medical maintenance

The prescription of individually adjusted treatment regimen for all patients and highly professional medical maintenance during treatment ensure the achievement of the desired outcomes. Moreover, REGENERATION clinic follows the principle of full disclosure with patients and their families. That is why every patient is given the opportunity to assess treatment outcomes with European hepatologists. Also, independent monitoring over treatment dynamics is carried out by professionals representing the Institute of Elastography.

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Research and academic affairs

Despite the saved lives and success in the treatment of the most complicated cases, the healthcare professionals at REGENERATION clinic conduct scientific research and work on improvement of the treatment protocols for faster and more comfortable recovery of their patients



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Specially as a matter of convenience for non-resident and foreign patients, the REGENERATION Clinic provides an opportunity to receive online consultations by the best specialists in the field of hepatotherapy